prodotti freschi senza glutine

Our Fresh Gluten Free Food

Our fresh gluten free food is homemade in order to guarantee the highest quality, authenticity and taste for the consumer. Moreover, some products are also milk-free and egg-free to satisfy dietary needs for everyone.

Fresh gluten free food is for consumers that have to follow a gluten free diet but they don’t want to quit taste and safety. Our products respect the traditional italian cooking and can please also the most exacting palates.

We realize our fresh gluten free food in order to guarantee the highest freshness. Every product is available with a long-life package, to keep in freezer: this in the perfect way for restaurants, hotels, cafés etc. that want to offer our fresh gluten free food to their coeliac customers. International shipping is available. For more information, click here.

Gluten free homemade specialities

Everyday we use natural gluten free flours with no chemical substances to realize fresh gluten free pasta, ready-to-eat first courses, gluten free cakes, gluten free biscuits.

You can have a leaf through the catalogue (in italian) or visit the website categories (in english):

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