Piatti pronti senza glutine

A special packaging

Every product made by Laboratorio Senza Glutine does not contain any chemical substance. Fresh pasta, ready meals, crescioni and biscuits are packaged in a special bowl with modified atmosphere; cakes and piadina are bagged in specific heat sealed pastry bags.

Fresh gluten free pasta is suggested for those locations in which there isn’t any risk of contamination. Just like every kind of raw pasta, ours too needs to be cooked in boiling water.

Ready gluten free meals and crescioni are instead suitable for any situation. The practical bowls in which food is packaged are in fact proof against contamination, they can be stored in the freezer and you can put them directly in the microwave, without open them. In this way it is possible to warm the meals in a couple of minutes and eat them instantly: you only have to open the bowl…

Thanks to this system, environmental contamination with gluten is impossible: our ready gluten free meals are always protected and they are open only at the moment of eat them.

So, ready gluten free meals are suitable for those businesses like restaurants, cafés, hotels etc. that want to satisfy coeliac customers too, without provide yourself with a separate kitchen (as legislation about gluten free food preparation imposes). For our ready gluten free meals a microwave is sufficient.

Our fresh gluten free products need to be kept in the freezer, at -18°/-20°C. Shelf-life: 11 months.

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